Workshop: Business Model Innovation (BMI) with FEM

In the time of a crises, changing a business model might be a must, not just an option, for any business hit by the crises. Listen to the extract from interview with Nassim Taleb – just under 1 min.

Press this link to listen to the full interview

We invite you to a workshop to learn how to design a new business model for your organization using our Fractal Enterprise Model (FEM). We start with re-engineering the example above and give more examples. The presentation will be done using our FEM toolkit. The participants are advised to install and test it before the tutorial, though it is not mandatory.

We hope that after the workshop, the participants will be able to generate alternatives for the current business of their organizations. FEM can be used for other purposes as well; thus, the second learning objective for the workshop is to get acquainted with FEM.

The workshop is planned as consisting of two parts: Presentation and an Exercise:

  • In the presentation, we first introduce Fractal Enterprise Model, and then demonstrate on the examples how it can be used for Business Model Innovation.
  • In the exercise, the participants are divided into small groups so that each group has at least one computer with FEM toolkit installed and go to Zoom break rooms. Each group will try to invent a new model for a case given to them in a text form + a FEM model of the current activities. After the exercise, the groups come together and present their findings to each other.

The participation is free, but you need to register.