Business Model Innovation with FEM

In the time of a crises changing a business model might be a must, not just an option, for any business hit by the crises. Our ambition is creating a library of patterns for Business Model Innovation (BMI) to be used when considering a radical change in the company’s offering. Examples of such patterns are given below. The first example refers to the transformation presented in a in interview with Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the example starts at 22:04 min in the video recording below:

A FEM model of this kind of BMI presented as a generalized pattern is as follows (click on the image to get a full size model).

The second example is taken from [8], and it represents a radical change from being a hardware manufacturing to licensing software to other hardware manufactures. The pattern was extracted from the real life business case (click on the image to get a full size model).

Resources related to BMI: See papers [3], [2] and [8] in the list of Resources
The models above were drawn using our FEM toolkit. You can play with the diagrams above in your FEM toolkit by importing the following library (unzip and use ADL import in Import/Export menu).