System 2 of VSM through the lens of FEM

Viable System Model of Stafford Beer Is a powerful tool for diagnosing , improving, redesigning and designing organizational systems. However, VSM lacks a good visual notation to depict VSM models. The standard VSM diagram is quite good on the meta model level. However, it is not of much help to depict particulars of a specific organization. Lack of good visible notation hinders the wide usage of VSM in practice. We believe that Some aspects of VSM model could be depicted using FEM, which is suggested in our draft presented at STPIS 2020. In particluar, FEM can be used to depict the coordination system, System 2 in VSM terms. In the diagrams presented below, we present a number of patterns that can be used to identify the needs and suggest tools for depicting or designing System 2 for a specific organization. Click on the image to see a larger picture.

Click on the image to get a larger picture

You can play with the diagram above in your FEM toolkit by importing the following library (unzip and use ADL import in Import/Export menu).