Workshop: Usefulness of FEM in Digitalization Projects – a Practitioner Perspective

In the time of a crises, like current pandemic, digitalization, or rather digital transformation, becomes a topic of interest for many organizations. Enterprise models in general, and Fractal Enterprise Model in particular can play an important role in digitalization projects.

In this workshop, our guest Steven Leego, will share his experience of using FEM in one digitalization project. The experience could be of value for all who consider using FEM in such kind of projects, as it was the first project in which Steven has used FEM, though not the first project of this kind in his practice. Thus, he is able to assess FEM frorm a practitioner perspective, and especially, from the perspective of the first time user of this modeling technique. He was using our FEM toolkit in the project, and may share his opinion on its usability. FEM has not been used at all stages of the project, and Steven will present his opinion on in which tasks one should not use FEM.

The workshop is planned as consisting of three parts:

  • Short introduction to Fractal Enterprise Model for those who have not attended the previous events
  • Steven Leego shares his experience of using FEM in a digitalization project at a Tartu water utility company
  • Steven answers all your questions, and we will have a general discussion on the topic of modeling and digital transformation.

A recording of presentation can be downloaded from here. The recording does not include FEM introduction. For introduction see recordings of other events, in particular the one on BMI.